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Unless otherwise indicated face-to-face workshops will be held in small groups of max. 10 participants to make them a safe and intimate experience and benefit from the inspiration we get from sharing and connecting with other like-minded people. No artistic skills are required, just openness to play and experiment.
All art materials are provided.
Please bring a journal and wear something comfortable, consider bringing an apron or similar to protect your clothes.

If you like a specific workshop but prefer 1-on-1 work, feel free to contact me to discuss how we can use the workshop material in individual sessions. 

I am now sharing some of my own creative processes online

This is a new adventure! I am very excited to be offering my first online course. I'm sharing one of my most loved creative practices:
choosing one word as intention to guide me, nudge me, cheer me on and help me grow.
This has made me step into a new space of online teaching & sharing, video recording, techy stuff I thought was beyond my abilities - and I loved every minute of preparing this course for you! And - as if we hadn't heard it before...
Learning happens indeed at the edges, for all of us. I would love you to join me on this adventure! 

Living with Intention - online course

Choosing one word as your intention can be powerful.
You're invited to explore processes of reflective writing and art making to connect with your intention and bring it to life through inspired action. In this course, I share with you a 3-step process that takes you from defining your intention to visualizing it and translating it into goals. You can continue your work through monthly reflections and turn this into a very personal, ongoing creative practice to support your personal growth. I've been working with this process for years and love how it supports me in creating meaning for my life.

Find out more and sign up for this online course here.
You can preview the Welcome Lesson of this course for free to get a sense of the course content. The self-paced course including 4 videos and 8 worksheets is A$39. You can access all materials upon purchase.

Is this online course for you?

Living with Intention is for you if ...
- you want to explore your creativity without diving deep into a specific art technique or modality
- you enjoy self-reflection and are keen to grow and create a meaningful life
- you don't want to invest in fancy art materials or supplies, but begin to use your creativity more (you only need to print of the worksheets and some basic art materials - check out the Welcome Lesson which you can preview before signing up)
- you enjoy a mix of left & right brain processes and like the idea of blending thinking work with some art making
- you are curious and always open to learning new things about yourself

Back again! Vision Cards with Laneway Learning

In January, I will be re-running this workshop in collaboration with Laneway Learning.
Join me to reflect on your intentions for the year ahead and visualise them! 
Vision Cards are a different take on the more familiar vision board. They are a smaller, more handy format and use images and words to capture your intentions. Each card focuses on a specific life area, e.g. home, career, health, relationships. They can be on hand whenever you need a reminder, inspiration or guidance – they fit into your journal or can live on your desk. Your inner compass put on a card!
Learn how to create Vision Cards and use reflective writing prompts to explore your visual collage further. You can easily repeat the intuitive process at home.
At the Studio of Possibilities - L2, Rm 203, Nicholas Building, 37 Swanston St, in Melbourne's CBD - Wed 15th Jan 2020, 7.45pm - 9.00pm 
Booking via Laneway Learning - click here 

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