Image for Sensemaking Space one-on-one coaching and therapy

1-on-1 sessions

Art Therapy, Creative Coaching or a mix

Based on your personal situation and goals we will explore a mix of creative processes, art therapy and coaching techniques that is most beneficial to you.

You might be clear on which area or topic you want to work on, you might come with a vague feeling that things could be different or simply show up with curiosity to find out more about yourself. Whichever way you show up, we’ll work together on setting a direction and some goals.

I will not diagnose you or interpret your art making. I aim to create a safe space for your imagination and offer you processes and invitations to explore and learn.

If desired and appropriate, we can explore additional ways of continuing your work between sessions. This may include personalised reflective journaling prompts, art invitations, mindfulness practices, reading resources and creative responses.

No experience with art materials or techniques is required. Just an openness to experiment.

My practice room for 1-on-1 sessions is in East Melbourne, close to public transport. During COVID-19 regulations, online sessions via Zoom are an option, but require further discussion prior to our first meeting. I can also offer session to accommodate different time zones (within reason) as well as evening/ weekends. Please make use of a free 20min phone consultation to discuss your needs, goals and the option of working together online. 

You can find further information on my qualifications and areas of expertise here.

I work primarily with adults. If you are looking for support for a child/ youth feel free to contact me for a recommendation.