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I am Conny Weyrich,
a Masters qualified Art Therapist and Creative Coach.

I’ve founded Sensemaking Space to provide a space for self-discovery, personal growth and healing. A space for connection, sharing and experimenting with change and transformation. A space to reflect, play and connect with your values. A space to create a life that energises, holds meaning and uses your talents and full potential. 

Qualification and experience


Masters in Therapeutic Arts Practice

The MIECAT Institute Inc., Melbourne, Australia, 2016-2018

This included a 1 year placement as Art Therapy Trainee at The Melbourne Clinic - Day Program (co-facilitating the Art Therapy and Complex Trauma Programs).

I am a fully insured professional member of ANZACATA, the Australian, New Zealand and Asian Creative Arts Therapies Association, and work within their Standards of Professional Practice and Code of Ethics.

This includes continuous professional development and clinical supervision.

Work & Experience

Supporting the healing process of adults living with trauma, including developmental trauma, adverse childhood experiences, complex trauma and shock trauma, in group programs at a psychiatric hospital and 1-on-1 therapy.

Facilitating a women’s group program in the context of trauma, homelessness and domestic violence.

Working with people who live with dementia, Alzheimer’s and degenerative conditions

Supporting a group of therapists by providing a creative coaching approach to running a small business/ private practice.

Bringing the creative process into work - boardroom session facilitated for co-working community.

Facilitating creative processes in creativity & wellbeing workshops, in person and online. 

Volunteering: co-facilitating a Community Arts Program in collaboration with LaTrobe University. Assisting in a rhythmic movement workshop series for people living with the effects of trauma and high anxiety states.

Earlier Career

I hold a bachelor’s degree in business administration at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich, Germany and have worked for 20 years in Marketing & Consultancy roles in corporate settings in Germany, UK and Australia.

This has provided me with a deep understanding of the modern workplace with its impacts on physical and emotional wellbeing. It has also shaped my belief that work can and must be a place of leadership, respect, kindness and personal and collective meaning making. 

Ongoing professional development

Professional development isn’t just a requirement for any registered art therapist, life-long learning is also one of my core values. The fields of trauma research and neuroscience move fast, and regularly updating my knowledge is essential to support you in the best way I can. 

Latest research & training to inform my work:

Bessel van der Kolk: Trauma, neuroscience and the evolving therapy of traumatized children and adults

Janina Fisher: Transforming trauma-related resistance and stuckness

The Map of Meaning – I’m currently attending the 2020 Certified Practitioner Training ‘A Journey into Depth’. I’m exploring ways of applying the evidence-based framework Map of Meaning in my Art Therapy and Coaching work to support you in designing a career that allows you to be yourself at work, look after your mental and emotional wellbeing and fulfill your potential. This framework has also been effective in exploring meaning at a collective level, for teams and organisations, to improve a range of work outcomes, including engagement, job satisfaction, performance, stress and wellbeing at work.

31st Annual Trauma Conference with the Trauma Research Foundation in May 2020, hosted by Bessel van der Kolk.

I also value flexibility to tailor my work to each client and connecting different ideas, therapeutic frameworks and approaches to complement my Art Therapy:


Polyvagal Theory – understand and befriend your nervous system

Acceptance-Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

Narrative Therapy

Certificate in Existential Wellbeing Counselling from KU Leuven, Belgium

Experiences shape who we are

“We need you to reveal to us what you know, what you have learned, what you have seen and felt. If you are older, chances are strong that you may already possess absolutely everything you need to possess in order to live a more creative life - except the confidence to actually do your work. But we need you to do your work. Whether you are young or old, we need your work in order to enrich and inform our own lives.”
― Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear 

Work with Conny Weyrich mixed media collage

We’re all made up of our experiences. There are the big, sometimes earth-shattering ones that leave us gasping for air. And then there are many small, everyday experiences which also shape us. Combined, they form our inner wisdom and can guide us through life. Here are some of my personal experiences that help me do the work I have chosen to do:

I have worked in the corporate world for twenty years. Based on my own experience, I understand the dynamics of the modern workplace and the value conflicts that can arise. I have leaned on coaching and self-development to restore my energy, motivation and self-belief.

For many years, I trusted my brain more than my body. As part of my career transition, I discovered the benefits of slowing down, practicing presence and tapping into embodied knowing and my creativity to shape a values-based life.

I’m an expert when it comes to being driven and setting high standards for myself. After a particularly stressful period of working far too much, my body remembered the creative tinkering I loved as a child. Creativity has since been my anchor, my sensemaking tool, my sanctuary to rest my brain.

I have moved countries and continents, seen my second language become my first and embarked on a ‘second act’ career in my forties. I am familiar with the uncertainty, lack of belonging and loss of identity that we encounter at such turning points, whether the transition is smooth or messy. The effects of change can be unsettling or painful and they tend to stick around for some time. We all need tools and resources to map our way through this.

With personal growth comes a review of values and beliefs. I know the liberating yet unsettling feeling of redefining what a meaningful life truly means. Stripping away layers of learned beliefs and expectations exposes the soul, but the promise of creating a personal and self-directed map for my future was deeply motivating.

I would love to walk alongside you in your growth journey and help you discover your wisdom and strengths.

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