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I share creative coaching tools and processes.

Many are self-paced, giving you full flexibility and access to working with me from afar.

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Contact me with any questions if you are not sure what to expect or whether it is right for you.

Laneway Learning courses have also shifted to online - from the comfort of your own home, evening, lunchtime, late afternoon, whatever fits with your schedule.

Sensemaking Space Image of Conny during online course

Living with Intention - online course

Choosing one word as your intention can be powerful.
You're invited to explore processes of reflective writing and art making to connect with your intention and bring it to life through inspired action. In this course, I share with you a 3-step process that takes you from defining your intention to visualizing it and translating it into goals. You can continue your work through monthly reflections and turn this into a very personal, ongoing creative practice to support your personal growth. I've been working with this process for years and love how it supports me in creating meaning for my life.

Is this online course for you?  Living with Intention is for you if ... 
you want to explore your creativity without diving deep into a specific art technique or modality.
you enjoy self-reflection and are keen to grow and create a meaningful life.
you don't want to invest in fancy art materials or supplies, but begin to use your creativity more (you only need to print of the worksheets and some basic art materials - check out the Welcome Lesson which you can preview before signing up).
you enjoy a mix of left & right brain processes and like the idea of blending thinking work with some art making.

you are curious and always open to learning new things about yourself.

You can preview the Welcome Lesson of this course for free.

The self-paced course incl 4 videos and 8 worksheets is A$39.  You can access all materials upon purchase.

Vision cards - collage cards

Where to from here? An Exploration with Vision Cards - Laneway Learning (Zoom)

While navigating this disrupted and challenging year, we still crave direction and goals to guide us. We’ll use our imagination and a creative process called ‘vision cards’ to explore alternative future directions and possibilities. Learn how to create a vision card and use reflective writing prompts to explore your visual collage further.
Thursday 5th November at 7.45pm AEDT

Found Poems of Conny's Collage of Calm Project

Collage of Calm

In this free course I share a daily creative practice you can use during tricky times. I use it to ground myself, check-in with my emotions and make sure I get some daily play time as an antidote to stress. You can watch two videos to play with your own found poetry.

In Collage of Calm, I share my process of found poetry as a form of self-expression. All you need are some words (magazines, old books, brochures, something printed off from the internet...), scissors, glue stick. 

You can check out all my Collages of Calm (created during Covid-19 lockdown) on my Instagram feed.