Collage stating The art of learning with jigsaw pieces and a blue thread

Art Therapy

1-on-1 or group programs

I work online and face-to-face.

Please note: currently, I am offering online sessions only.

If you are interested in working with me in-person, please get in touch and we can look into ways of working face to face within the guidelines of public health. 

Alternatively, we can discuss in a free of charge Discovery Call via Zoom whether working online suits you and your needs.

I work primarily with adults. If you are looking for support for a child/ youth feel free to contact me for a recommendation.

No experience with art materials or techniques is required. Just an openness to experiment.

I will not diagnose you or interpret your art making. You are the expert of your life and I aim to create a safe space for your imagination and offer you processes and invitations to explore, learn and grow.

Individual therapy

Based on your personal situation and goals we will explore a mix of art therapy and supporting frameworks that is most beneficial to you.

You might be clear on which area or topic you want to work on, you might come with a vague feeling that things could be different or simply show up with curiosity to find out more about yourself. Whichever way you show up, we’ll work together on setting a direction and some goals.

I specialise in:
Walking alongside you through major transitions and when life has thrown you a curveball.

Supporting the healing process for adults living with trauma, including early childhood trauma, complex trauma and shock trauma.

Exploring emotional and behavioural patterns, developing effective coping strategies and identifying possibilities for life-enhancing change.

I'm eligible to work with self- or plan-managed NDIS participants. 

Group programs

Group programs can be developed in collaboration with your organisation. Past clients included The Sacred Heart Mission, Dallas Neighbourhood House, Glen Eira City Council, The Melbourne Art Therapy Studio, Merri Health.

Past programs:
Facilitating a women’s creative circle in the context of trauma, homelessness and domestic violence.

Working with people who live with dementia, Alzheimer’s and degenerative conditions.

Co-facilitating Art Therapy groups and a Complex Trauma Group at a psychiatric hospital.

Volunteering: co-facilitating a Community Arts Program in collaboration with LaTrobe University.

Assisting in a rhythmic movement workshop series for people living with the effects of trauma and high anxiety states.

The benefits of art therapy

Art therapy gives you an opportunity to...


Slow down and practice the art of noticing your thoughts, emotions, your body, and your typical ways of responding to life.

Be supported

Be supported in whatever way you need. I’ll support you by being present to you, providing guidance, sharing and practicing useful tools and techniques, or developing resources and routines that support you in everyday life.

Self expression

Express yourself in ways that go beyond words. This allows you to slowly lift the lid on your inner wisdom and harness it, even if you can’t straightaway articulate what you are learning about yourself.


Explore long-held beliefs and engrained patterns that might hold you back or get in the way. It’s a space to uncover your true needs and unlock your inherent strengths to build resilience.


Experiment, not only with art materials and creative processes, but also with new behavioural patterns and alternative emotional responses, all in alignment with your values and needs.


For most people, talking and reflecting are also part of the therapy process. It helps integrate new insights and move towards a fulfilling and meaningful life.

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