Sensemaking Studio Hour

A FREE hour of creating alongside with me in a virtual space.

BYO: bring your own project and materials!

60 minutes of time to create with me, a free and BYO event!

Ready for your private Studio Hour?

Studio Hours are on a well-deserved summer break. Back in early 2022!

The details...

Each month, I make 2 x 1 hour available in my calendar. You can book your studio hour online.
I offer a weekday evening slot and a Saturday slot (some daytime, some evening).

If none of the available times work for you due to work or family commitments, or because we are in different time zones, but you would like to join me in a Sensemaking Studio Hour, simply email me and we can arrange a bespoke time slot.

(Always check your spam folder if you don't hear back from me...)

Why is it free – because I love to connect with others and find connection has been so much harder during the pandemic. As I don’t facilitate this hour and work on my own creative project alongside you, offering it as a free opportunity to create, connect and get to know each other feels appropriate.

What is is

One hour of time where we will be creating alongside, virtually connecting via Zoom.
Think of it as an 'Hour of Power' for your creative Self.

A BYO event: you bring your own project and materials (as we work virtually). Bring your ideas and curiosity, a beverage of choice...
After a brief welcome & hello, we can work alongside quietly or chat as we create. This will unfold and depend a little on what your creative project is, how we feel on the day etc.

We might chat about what we are making, creativity, our creative process or creative habits, how to find inspiration, favourite materials, or self-care and wellbeing.

Or some of my favourite topics beyond creativity: future of work, meaningful work and life, the brain and nervous system, emotions, values…

Or some of your favourite topics! 

Or simply random stuff… If you’ve got specific questions bring them along, I might or might not have an answer. 

What it is not

It isn't a coaching or therapy session.

It isn't an hour of teaching or facilitated time for which I prepare prompts or an art invitation.

It also is not an art class or a group setting. We will be working in a 1-on-1 setting as it is about connecting and for both of us to be creating. As soon as we are a group there is a need for me to facilitate this time in some way. 

Why create together?

Committing to this creative Hour of Power helps us overcome what might typically get in the way of a more creative life. It is a way to connect, share, have some fun and enjoy the nourishing benefits of creativity.

It’s an offer to tackle what can easily get in the way of a more creative life:

Not making time or letting other commitments or ‘emergencies’ take over the time you intended to spend on your creative endeavours.

Procrastination – finding it hard to start, because we feel we’re not ready, not in the mood, need more time than an hour, give into distractions ...

Letting our inner critic talk us out of creating .

It’s also a way to create connection:

Connection is a primal human need and creativity is a way to connect deeply to the Self, but also to connect with others. It is for example easier to get into a state of creative flow when working alongside others. Creating alongside offers a space for sharing and mutual inspiration.

Making alongside can be fun. We inspire each other and share our progress.

Making alongside can be meaningful and nourishing.

What I expect from you:

Show up and be on time.

We both switch our cameras on. Without this it is hard to connect.

We are in a private space where we are fully present. We will ringfence this time, without being interrupted, unless there is an emergency of course.

We will both make something while we spend time together.

There are so many different creative project you might want to bring along:

Writing – poetry, creative writing, writing a book, blog post, website copy, or a business plan…
Visual art – collage, painting, drawing, sketching, mixed media, calligraphy…
Textile art – knitting, crochet, embroidery, cross stitching, slow stitching, macrame, quilting…
Bookbinding, making dolls, making pompoms, paper art, weaving, beading, stamping, printing, card making, origami, scrapbooking, building a kite, flower arranging, working with clay...
Your creative project could even be the act of planing a larger creative project, e.g. your website, a series of visual art pieces, a workshop, a storyboard for a presentation is a creative project. But it’s important that we both show up with the intention of creating something and making some progress.

My only request regarding your creative project is that it isn’t something that is super noisy, like working with a power tool or hammering away at a piece of jewellery. Why? Because it’s important that we are not on mute during this time, and to be able to create alongside we need an atmosphere that is relaxing and allows for conversation.

60 minutes of time to create with me, a free and BYO event!

Ready for your private Studio Hour?