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...a place where you are encouraged to use your creativity to support your mental health and general wellbeing. Within the safe and supportive relationship with an Art Therapist you can experiment with creative processes to gain new insights and make changes to your behavioural and emotional patterns to shape a life that brings you fulfilment and meaning.

I work 1-on-1 and in group settings and am happy to develop bespoke workshops on request. I am a registered NDIS provider for Therapeutic Support Services and Innovative Community Participation.


I am Conny Weyrich, a qualified Art Therapist and founder of Sensemaking Space.

I believe in...

The power of creativity

I believe that everyone is creative and all we need is curiosity and openness to benefit from the creative process. I believe that art heals and is often underrated as a way to care for our health and wellbeing. 

The power of slowing down

I believe that we all could do with taking a deep breath and slowing things down in response to the increasing demands from life, particularly our fast-paced work. I find that switching off, being present and letting go of distractions is hard, but using my creativity is instrumental in helping me to slow down and connect with myself.

The power of self-reflection

I believe in the power of self-reflection, sharing the honest and compassionate truth and lifelong learning. 

My qualifications & experience

Masters in Therapeutic Arts Practice
at The MIECAT Institute, Melbourne

As part of my Masters I completed a ten months placement in Australia's largest private psychiatric hospital where I co-facilitated Art Therapy groups as a stand-alone service and within a program for complex trauma. As a volunteer I have run a community arts group and assisted in moving mindfulness workshops.
I am a fully insured Professional Member of ANZACATA, the Australian, New Zealand and Asian Creative Arts Therapies Association, and work within their Standards of Professional Practice and Code of Ethics. 

On-going professional development

Ongoing professional development includes training in Mindfulness, Narrative Therapy, Acceptance-Commitment Therapy (ACT), Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and, most recently, Bessel van der Kolk's workshop on 'Trauma, neuroscience and the evolving therapy of trauma'. I hold a Certificate in Existential Wellbeing Counselling from KU Leuven, Belgium.

Earlier career

I also hold a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich, Germany and have worked for nearly 20 years in various Marketing & Consumer Insight roles in corporate settings in Germany, UK and Australia. This is providing me with a deep understanding of the modern workplace and its impacts on stress and wellbeing.

How I work

Glass art by Carmelo López, seen in Glasgalerie Daniela Welti

Change, personal growth and healing can be achieved when we listen to our body and give our hearts as much a voice as our constantly chattering minds. When we add creative and visual expression to our well-honed skills of verbal expression we can tap into our inner wisdom and uncover insights we didn’t know we had. Going beyond the “cognitive operating system” can feel raw and difficult; our day-to-day lives don’t always allow space to explore and express how we feel. We might talk about the concept of vulnerability but feel unprepared when we encounter it in ourselves or in someone who experiences struggle or self-doubt.

Sensemaking Space encapsulates my vision to provide a space for personal growth and healing as I guide you through a process of self-discovery through art making. I work with a relational approach where you are the expert in your own life. How we shape our work together will be determined collaboratively as we choose from a range of arts-based processes that can be adapted to your needs and preferences. I strive to support you in gaining new insight and making meaningful change in context of your values, needs and existing patterns. I value being present to what is in front of us and holding dialogue with words and visuals. Through expressing yourself creatively new understanding about your life, your choices and patterns can develop and be integrated in how you want to move forward in your healing or growth journey.

What else informs my approach
I work in a trauma informed approach focusing on individual strengths, safety and emotional regulation while being sensitive to the effects of trauma. I enjoy integrating concepts and ideas from other therapeutic frameworks such a Narrative Therapy or Acceptance-Commitment-Therapy (ACT) and use mindfulness techniques to help us access and connect with the present moment and get “out of our heads” when needed. I am also able to integrate coaching skills I have learned during my corporate career.

I work 1-on-1 and in group settings and am happy to develop bespoke workshops or group programs on request. Contact me to find out more.

What I offer

Creative Arts Therapy can be an effective way to support mental wellbeing and guide you in making life-enhancing changes.
It is also a gentle yet powerful way to explore your creativity as part of your personal growth and self-awareness.

No artistic or creative skills are required, just openness and curiosity!

Is art therapy for me? Read this post in my journal to find out more.

Work-related issues

Art therapy can assist with stress management & burn out, building resilience & assertiveness, improved communication, navigating challenging team dynamics, career transition & identity – I draw on my own experience of working in fast-paced corporate settings for nearly twenty years.

Mental health

In my trauma-informed art therapy practice I work with a range of mental health issues including depression, anxiety, grief, loss, troubling relationships, challenging life transitions and difficulties to adjust, self-esteem and identity – building a strong therapeutic alliance and using arts-based approaches in a therapeutic setting was at the heart of my training at MIECAT.

Creativity & Wellbeing

Creative self-expression, exploring art making as self-care and for those curious about new ways of fuelling their self-awareness and personal growth – give yourself the gift of time for exploration and self-reflection. This way of working with me is also valuable if you are a carer for others seeking an opportunity to share, re-charge and attend to your own wellbeing.

What I charge

Please contact me if you would like to discuss options 
for private small groups or workplace workshops. 

Initial phone conversation

Approx. 20 min. at a suitable time which we can agree prior.
We can discuss your needs and clarify any questions you might have regarding art therapy or my way of working. 

  free of charge

1-on-1 session

60 min.
All art materials included

(Packs of 5 sessions available - we can discuss this as part of agreeing your goals and therapy plan)

$ 120

1-on-1 session

90 min.
All art materials included

(Packs of 5 sessions available - we can discuss this as part of agreeing your goals and therapy plan)

$ 165


The prices of workshops vary depending on content and duration.
Please check current workshop offers to find our more or contact me for a bespoke workshop

$ varies

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Artwork & photograpy by Conny Weyrich
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