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Conny Weyrich Sensemaking Space

Welcome to
Sensemaking Space!

I'm Conny Weyrich, a Masters qualified Art Therapist and Creative Coach. I'm based in Melbourne, Australia.

I help you connect with your creativity to find strength and clarity during challenging times and ways of strengthening your resilience and emotional wellbeing.

In my work, creativity is not primarily defined around artistic activities. Creativity is our natural ability to imagine and realise new possibilities and I believe that this exploration is richer and more insightful when we use language and non-verbal ways of expression.

I support you in accessing your creativity and imagination to shape a meaningful life and fulfil your potential, at work and in life. 

I’ve founded Sensemaking Space to provide...

A space for self-discovery, personal growth and healing.

A space for connection, sharing and experimenting with change and transformation.

A space to reflect, play and connect with your values.

A space to create a life that energises, holds meaning and uses your talents, strengths and full potential.

Art Therapy & Creative Coaching give you an opportunity to ...

Pause. Slow down and practice the art of noticing your thoughts, emotions, your body, your creative process and typical ways of responding to life challenges.
Be supported in whatever way you need. I’ll support you by being present to you, providing guidance, sharing useful tools and techniques, practicing new ways of being, or developing resources and routines that support you in everyday life.
Express yourself in ways that go beyond words. This allows you to slowly lift the lid on your inner wisdom and harness it, even if you can’t straightaway articulate what you are learning about yourself.
Explore long-held beliefs and engrained patterns that might hold you back. Your true needs might have gotten lost in the context of all your responsibilities and commitments. Unlock your inherent strengths to boost your resilience.
Process. Through creative exploration you can find new ways of processing your life experiences. Only through processing and gaining a clearer understanding of what happened to us and how it has shaped us can we move forward and fulfil our potential.
Experiment not only with art materials and creative processes, but also with new behavioural patterns and alternative emotional responses, all in alignment with your values and needs.
Integrate. For most people, talking, analysing and reflecting are also part of the process of therapy and coaching. It allows us to integrate new insights and create a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Who benefits from Art Therapy & Creative Coaching

If you are curious, open to experimenting, and have a desire to design your future and heal your past, Art Therapy and Creative Coaching can be the right approach for you. No experience with art materials or art making required. Here is a little checklist... 

Liz Gilbert puts it so perfectly:

“The essential ingredients for creativity remain exactly the same for everybody: courage, enchantment, permission, persistence, trust—and those elements are universally accessible.”

― Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

Based on my qualifications, skills and personal experiences, I focus on three areas:

Creative Vision Card of Coach Maker of Possibilities

Working with energy and resilience

Being exceptionally busy seems to be the new normal for many of us. In the workplace, it can lead to exhaustion, compromised health (physical and mental) and burnout. To achieve lasting change, we need to dig deep into engrained patterns. We need to become self-aware, understand our values and align our lives with them. We also need to develop a support structure of strong relationships, emotional regulation and effective self-care – I can help you explore what this might look like for you. This work is very relevant for entrepreneurs and small business owners and it can also support anyone working in the context of a larger organisation.

Creating meaning in everyday life

We all know what is meaningful to us. But sometimes this knowledge has been buried under layers of conventions, expectations and beliefs. We feel off kilter and vaguely dissatisfied. We worry that we’re steering towards regret, having missed opportunities to fulfil our potential and dreams. I work with the ‘Map of Meaning’ (© Marjolein Lips-Wiersma) to help you explore and design your personal Map of Meaning and establish ways of creating meaning everyday.

This framework has also been effective in exploring meaning at a collective level, for teams and organisations.

Resilience to navigate stress & trauma

We accept that difficulty, stress and, in its extreme form, trauma are part of life. Our ability to self-regulate and lean on a functioning mind-body-system influences our level of resilience and how we navigate and process such experiences. Neuroplasticity provides us with the opportunity to re-wire our nervous systems, process trauma, manage anxiety and overwhelm and respond more effectively to stressful events in the future.

How we can work together

Image for Sensemaking Space one-on-one coaching and therapy

1-on-1 sessions

Based on your personal situation and goals, we will explore a mix of creative processes, art therapy and coaching techniques that is most beneficial to you.

Creative workshops art materials


A ‘toe in the water’ opportunity to connect with your creativity, explore a range of topics and get to know me and my style.

Create in Sensemaking Space Online Courses

Online Courses & Programs

I share creative coaching tools and processes in my online classes. Many are self-paced, giving you full flexibility and access to working with me from afar.

Sensemaking Space Learning for organisations collage

Corporate & Organisations

I offer arts-based training, workshops, webinars and 1:1 coaching that nurture divergent thinking and creativity as well as trust and psychological safety.

Happening right now

New journal musings

I’m writing about navigating life, the tidy and the messy chapters, and how connecting with our curiosity and creativity can help us make progress and find a rhythm to life that sustains us in the long run.

Current workshops & online courses

Vision Cards - Thu 5th Nov at 7.45pm (Zoom)
Online: mini course 'Living with Intention'
Free online taster: 'Collage of Calm'

Holding my curiosity

We all need inspiration to re-energize and renew.
These are things that made me stop and notice, think, wonder, create...